Life is a bitch, and then one stabs you.

Dear I was pompous and my sister was crazy.

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Oooo, this is really good. Lovely and descriptive, especially of the power cut, then of Charles and Erik's set to. And I love the way Charles totally smacks Erik down, because Erik really DID push things too far. I do hope there's lots more of this because the film skipped over their time in the mansion far too quickly, and you write so beautifully.

That was a really interesting study of characters, and I hope you will write soon what's next! There's precious things in it that deserve to be expended.

Am loving this so far, can't wait for more!

That looks really, really good. I like the way of characterization, I guess that's because it agress with my point of view on this characters. They are both incredible strong and stubborn, in their own ways. That just screams for troubles! And, yet, there's a kind of attraction that can't be denied.
In short: I'm waiting for next part!

Great so far - I found their argument very believable... very familiar even. I think you managed to capture well how people (especially somewhat passive people) tend to argue. Looking forward to the next. :)

This is really great and I can't wait to read more!

Oh, I loved this! The Scotsman bit had me chuckling, and the little birds that help Charles getting dressed in the morning made me laugh (I can totally see it, btw. Charles absent-mindedly holding up his arms so the little birds can help him into his sleeves. Makes perfect sense.)

The banter between Erik and Alex, and then Erik´s slip as he responds to Charles´ question in his mind without considering that Charles can actually hear him. And all the rest, very nicely written and great characterization.

So looking forward to reading the next chapters!

I think this might be my favorite piece of character study fic in this fandom so far. It's perfect.

And I'm still in awe of how menacing you wrote Charles at the end. His powers are meant for this sort of characterization, but he's so mild and gentle in manner that it's easier to just forget this side of him.

Anyway, awesome read. So glad I found my way here.

Just stumbled upon this via a link from
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Just stumbled upon this via a link from <lj-user="blackpsychi">'s latest vid post and I'm glad I did. I'm not used to a story as lushly well written as this one is suddenly pivoting gracefully into full on comedy, but I must say this line nearly killed me:
“Yeah, but he looks like little birds help him dress in the mornings.”
I...yes, just yes. I've rarely laughed so hard at a story that made me rock back on my heels with its intensity and beauty and I really want to thank you for this. It's getting added to my memories <b>right now</b> because I'll be back to read this one over and over again.

Wow, really loved this fic. Fantastic dialogue and I love an angry-Charles! Happy I found this! =)

Normally I wait with a comment till the end of a story, but here I simply have to write something, this chapter was so good - and could really stand on its own. It has a perfect beginning and an end related to this beginning, the perfect counterpoint: presence of Charles - absence of Charles; candlestick - darkness. I like very much how the story unfolds; a simple, everyday(night)-life experience with not so everyday-life people; the moment when Erik realizes 'that oh right, Charles is a telepath' is so perfect: people not accustomed to his abilities (unlike Raven) would probably often put their foot in their mouth (mind?) in this way.

Oh my fuck. <- As coherent as I am at 3 am, re-reading great fiction

Please, do say you may continue. This is just... so perfect.

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